…these few precious days

“…that’s just the way it is with the new normal.”

What the heck does that mean?

There is a current television commercial for a Detroit hospital, featuring a woman fully made up, with a lovely head of long-ish hair.  The commercial says that the hospital found “her” cancer.  In fact, it is not “her” cancer.  Rather, “she” is cancer’s.  Even after treatment is declared a success, she will always be cancer’s.  That’s just the way it is with the new normal.  And not to put too depressing a spin on it, but facing one’s mortality changes a person.  Am I frightened of the future?  NO!  But I do understand that there are fewer days to my future than there once were.  There are things I need to document.  Hence, this blog.



2 thoughts on “…these few precious days”

  1. I love reading your Facebook posts and just found this blog to enjoy. You are an amazing woman with a delicious wit. Thank you for turning your not always good days into humor. By the way, some of the things you describe are happening to me and to my friends who are hovering on one side or the other of 70 years old. You are just a little ahead of your time.


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