Life lessons

I read this article this morning.  You can read it, or just read my commentary.  (Remember, I am new to this, and not a computer geek, so I have no idea how to make that little thingee that says “here” for this like, without actually showing the whole url……)

I read it because the title suggests the article contains life lessons.  And there are days when I believe I also have life lessons to share.  But then I guessed the author and I have different definitions of “life lessons”.

I was hoping for themes like: “Finding Light In the Darkness”…”Creating Motivation From Nothing”…”How To Really Know When It Is Time To Call a Halt To Treatment”.  Instead, she wrote about knowing family health history and how to negotiate with doctors and insurance companies.  Topics I could – and have – found in waiting room pamphlets.

And yet, I have learned a most valuable lesson from her.  I can’t share my preferred topics with you, either.

First of all, if you have never been seriously or terminally ill yourself, all the information in the Huffington Post article is important to you.  By all means, gather every detail you can about your family and ethnic health history.  It can save your life.  Also, pay close attention to the political and employer battles on health insurance when it is not an issue for you.  Because understanding this information and negotiating with corporations while in panic mode can never end well for you.

What you can’t prepare for, however, is the emotion that no one can possibly explain to you.  I cannot describe to you the knowledge that the greyhound at my feet right now will be my last dog… or how a certain combination of temperature and setting sun recalls for me memories when everything seemed possible…or how often I have to restrain myself from punching someone who calls me “strong” or “brave”, or tells me how “good” I look.

Unless you die instantaneously in a car accident, or we all die together in a nuclear holocaust, you are going to figure out that there is no way to communicate some of the life lessons we can only learn alone.  Usually in the middle of the night.  Always unexplainable.  And completely frustrating.

5 thoughts on “Life lessons”

  1. Every time I click on the blue, I get 404, over a smiley face with different expressions, & funny comments below that! “Literally I can’t right now.” “ I’m so embarrassed.” & others I’ve already forgotten. Cute!


  2. I didn’t have any trouble. And, since I have a wordpress account, it does make it easier to comment. Have to agree with ‘Life Lessons’. There are Life Lessons (Esperiences), and Life Lessons (practical)… And, experiences make a major different in how you learn and try to teach further you are doing. You aren’t a pamphlet in a dcctor’s office. You ARE the ‘experience’ and those are life lessons how to deal with yourself (any person) on a day to day basis.. You have been teaching many of us about life lessons and how to deal with them..and not the ‘text book’ lessons.

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  3. I would reply to this but if I was there, you would probably just slap me on the back of my head, roll your eyes, and shout “Really?” I can be a bit bubbly, positive, energetic, dopey, and unrealistic sometimes…we all have our mechanisms for coping…some are a little more violent than others….*ducking*


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