Black Friday, 2017

First cancer diagnosis in July of 2012, so this is the sixth Thanksgiving I should not have seen.  And I have learned a few things:

  • Under no circumstances bring home a Jenny O “freezer to table” turkey breast, no matter how dire the need, and how empty the turkey coolers are in the grocery store.
  • It is impossible to cook a Thanksgiving dinner without getting grease on your clothes.  Dress accordingly.
  • Smart phone cameras are not smart enough to capture the exact moment canned whipped cream is being squirted into the mouth of a greyhound.
  • The Detroit Lions always find a way to make their opposition for this holiday game look like world-beaters.
  • No matter how much everyone around you at dinner is smiling, there are some – possibly many – who are pretending.  There is not enough tryptophan in the meal to overcome their sorrow and emptiness.
  • “Do we have to do Christmas again this year?” never goes away, no matter how grateful to be alive I am supposed to be.

There are other things I have learned, specific to this year:

  • Although she will be 7 in a few weeks, Sophie can still be conned about fairies and their wings.
  • Watching “The Great Wall” for the first time yesterday morning, I am saddened by how the Trump Era has forcibly expanded my definition of racism.
  • I continue to forget to look for Punkin’ Chunkin’ on the tube, on Thanksgiving evening.  (Did they have it this year?)
  • I made a public statement on FaceBook that I would not shop during this long holiday weekend, and am now wondering if my purchase of an audio book last night makes me a hypocrite.
  • Left over Jenny O turkey breast makes crummy sandwiches.

Next year……….Detroit-style coney dogs, Vernor’s Ginger Ale, and Sander’s Bumpy Cake.

3 thoughts on “Black Friday, 2017”

  1. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! May I bring Kowalski hot dogs?? Skin on or skinless? I can bring ice cream. OR: I had a seriously good sangria this month, & got the recipe! Did you do a T’gvg meal while the out-of-Townes were in, too?

    Are you saving the book for a Dec 25 present 🎁 for you? If not, then no problem. I absolve you in the Name of Our Mothers of the Universe, & all strong women we know, & strong women we have yet to meet. Amen.

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    1. Dinner was just Bob and me. The book will be “heard” during therapeutic sewing, on headphones. Skin AND skinless. At least some of the ice cream needs to be Superman flavored. Sangria is always welcome – we don’t need a holiday.


  2. Cindy mentioned “Kowalski” hot dogs…hmmmm, wondering if there is a relation there?!? Anything Kowal has got to be good, right? Thinking of you both, enjoying retirement while decorating and cleaning as we will be hosting in laws this Christmas and wondering….what you’ll purchase during Cyber Monday? …Maybe some new ear buds… Ha! *rolling eyes*


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