As I was saying…

I never did get around to that post about Kissy.  And this one won’t be about her, either.  At least, not technically.

It was a tough, emotional end of summer, fall, and early winter.  I fell into a deep depression, complicated by overwhelming cynicism.  Unexpected people picked up on that, and responded with amazing kindness.  Others unexpectedly either ignored or blamed me for where I was.

I have reached the “whatever” point.

Although the actual temperature is below zero for the third (fourth?) straight day, the sun is out. Our pipes are frozen, but we have several five-gallon bottles of water. (That doesn’t help me shower, though. Ick!)

Kissy is every bit as precious as her name. If I could figure out how to post a picture of her in WordPress’ new format, I would. She does not, however, possess Sheiky’s intuition about me. I still mourn his loss, while being “greytful” for her gain. (That word is a greyhound thing…..)

Anyway. In an effort requiring massive will to overcome inertia, I will get back to this blog – including learning the new format. I think it might be a good thing for me to do. Expect to hear from me – possibly even often.

As a woman I used to be related to by marriage used to say, “I’m some better, but I ain’t well yet.”

See ya!

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