70 is the new…70

I will hit the Big Seven Oh in a few weeks, and there are things I need to get off my chest about that – all one-and-one/half boobs of it.

I realize that many “young” people blame my generation for all their problems. Well, guess what. Some of my generation is responsible for all of my problems, as well. Join the crowd.

Yes. There are wealthy, greedy, self-absorbed people from my generation who have created an immense financial divide. Mostly white. Mostly male. It’s not that they hate you because you are young. They disregard all of us because we are…not them. Rich idiots are alive and well in all generations.

You’ve been priced out of the housing market? So have I. No fancy vacations? Me, neither. Grocery shopping with coupons and sales and out-dated products? Ditto. Can’t pay off your student loans? Sorry. With Social Security and Medicare under constant attack, we have no way to help.

I am cranky because I am tired. My generation protested and/or fought the war in Vietnam. Died in battle; some in protests (google Kent State). Eventually ended that war, and the Nixon Presidency. Similar protests for civil rights. We were the first to take birth control pills…first to have legal abortions. Burned our bras. Fought for women’s right to credit in their own names…for admission to formerly all-male schools and professions. You know why we are called “Boomers”? Because our heads go BOOM when we realize we have to fight for this same damn stuff, all over again, for our grandchildren. Grandchildren who, by the way, some of us are now raising for some of you…when we though we were beyond all that.

I’m sorry for all of us.

But I’m not going to take the blame. Hillary wasn’t my favorite candidate, either. But I neither stayed home nor cast a protest vote, thereby electing Trump. When I was your age, I couldn’t vote for my favorite candidate, either. Because he was assassinated (google Bobby Kennedy).

My “golden years” retirement funds have been decimated by keeping a small business running – and staff employed – during Bush II’s recession. And – unlike you – I have no time to rebuild a 401k. My husband, at 70 and sick, has to keep working because we, too, pay the price for your generations inability to purchase his business. The consequence of the predatory student loans you will never pay off. In the meantime, we must sell our home and find something we may be able to afford. Not likely.

I don’t ask for your sympathy. I ask that, when you see me wearing mixed prints…high-top sneakers…and pink hair…you not roll your eyes. It’s about the only enjoyment I get now.

We are, after all, in this together.

One thought on “70 is the new…70”

  1. And my comments echo your sentiments..except I was ahead of the BOOMERS..as I was born at the end of the ? Depression in 1938, so I am 80. I was told I could not get the same pay as a teacher as the males, because ‘the males had families to support’ and this was in 64. I argued, as I did the same job, had the same number of students, did the same duties, had the same certification.. and was the breadwinner of a farming family and had 2 children. The school board started to ignore me (oh, this was before Michigan teachers were allowed to unionize) and suddenly the med stepped up and backed me. Okay, we got our insurance paid for that year and a 200 dollar raise. The following year, George Romney told the legislature that teachers had the right to unionize and bargain for contracts. We gained that right in 65-66. Our spouses went off to Vietnam and we are dealing with those results now, as we age. We cannot get the help we need; we often are now losing houses that should have been paid for but, we helped our kids get to college when we could. We also worked in one of the lower paying professions and worked an average of 63 1/2 hours a week, plus had to attend grad school during the summer, and work on new curricula. I had to do the ‘good mommy thing’ and at times did not work. Other times we had to move with out spouses and went to other states.. T:here went our teacher retirement. My Social Security check is 559 a month.. Our of that comes our ‘free’ health care..whcih ultimately costs me 400 a month for the required deduction from our SS, plus our supplemental, And then our Plad D or Medications.

    We fought for civil rights, we fought for women’s rights, we fought for equal pay for equal jos and now those fights are beginning again. The Boomers joined up with us, and enlarged the group to fight the ‘status quo’. We voted, we protested, we understood politics much better than most today.. We fought to keep anti-trust laws in place; when some of you ‘youngesters’ under the age of 60 (my own kids included), chose not to vote, or vote for a thrid party candidate to protest, you have created problems not only for us but also for yourselves. You voted against your own best interests.. Yes, Congress needs to establish a way for students to get into college and graduate without being a hundred thousand in debt or more, especially for those trying to become doctors..which are badly needed. I taught Government and History. You cannot change government overnight. You do it step by step. You have a goa.l and that goal may be 8-10 years down the road in many cases, but head for that goal..one and two steps at a time. Do NOT cause more hatred by acting those the ‘haters’ and that is on both sides of the fence. Work with other countries to solve global issues.. If you think the Boomers and early want war, you are sadly mistaken. I introduced my students to Holocaust survivors, to Battle of the Bulge survivors, children of Vietnam who escapted so they could live, Be accepting of otheres’ and their beliefs; it does not mean you must believe in their beliefs.. Toleration is a key.. Cunthia sets up the framework of the problems..but teh work of solving them is not done….and many of us can no longer do it all.. Step up ..


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