A safe place to vent

I hope this is it.

I’m so very tired of being blamed for everything. From the way an offspring’s life is progressing, to the long-suffering in the lives of Every. Single. Millennial. And let’s not forget that it is entirely my fault that Bernie Sanders is not the current POTUS.

Yesterday it was war, inequitable distribution of wealth, the destruction of the climate…there was a lot more, but I lost interest. And to my credit, I did not respond.

Ah, yes. To paraphrase a goalie taunt from the UMich hockey days: “It’s all my fault! It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault.”


While I was busy destroying the world in the 60’s and beyond, somehow the country managed to protest its way out of the Vietnam War…take down a corrupt President…achieve some – albeit temporary – progress in racial harmony and women’s rights (I have a credit card and car loan in my own name – you may be too young to know how astounding that is).  There’s more, but I lost interest telling this to non-Boomers who don’t care.

And guess what.  Some of us have remained liberal Democrats (dare I say Democratic Socialists?) the whole time.  Not just for the few months it takes to run for President, every four years.

If I sound pissed, congratulate yourself on understanding that.  It’s a step toward empathy.  

So I am blogging, for God’s sake, because there is no public place to say what is causing my spirit so much distress, and I choose not to deliberately cause the same distress to others.

Peace. Out.



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